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Title: Hybrid Educational Internal Migration: Motivating Factors and Inhibiting Factors
Authors: Kim, Yong Chan
Keywords: the Wana tribe;education;internal migration;decisionprocess
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Abstract: This empirical report provided important information in the decisionmaking process of internal migration for the educational purpose uses in Wana Tribe or Mobolong, a practice of an indigenous people, Tau Taa Wana, in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Tau Taa Wana considers the Wana as the most important people group distinguishing them from the outsiders. The research gathered information about their history, world view, a perspective of education, and the importance of education for them in the future. Structured interviews were conducted with several local people living in the Wana tribe and outside of the tribe to record the essential knowledge of their information about their perspective in education. The research also went into the tribe for observing livelihood in their daily life.
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