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Title: Analysis of Sustainability Policies on Philippine Economic Growth: A Study of Key Contributors from 2020 - 2023
Authors: Runtunuwu, Brillian Izrel
Keywords: Sustainability Policies;Main Contributors;Economy;Philippines;Liberalism
Issue Date: Jun-2024
Abstract: This research examines sustainability policies towards the economic growth of the Philippines based on the main contributors from 2020 to 2023, utilizing a qualitative approach through content analysis, thematic analysis, and conceptual analysis. Data were obtained from official documents and related literature. Through a combination of Document Analysis and Literature Review methods, this study explores an understanding of the Philippine economic context and the factors influencing its growth. The findings provide a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between sustainability policies and Philippine economic growth, grounded in three key elements: economic dynamism reflected as the ability to adapt and thrive despite significant challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic; key sectors like manufacturing and trade emerge as primary drivers in the country's economic recovery. Furthermore, the openness of the Philippine economy is evident through its significant involvement in international trade, offering extensive export-import opportunities and expanding access to global markets. Lastly, economic sustainability is reflected in the adoption of progressive policies such as the Bayanihan Law and the CREATE Law, supporting stable and sustainable economic development by providing tax incentives and promoting investment and private sector growth. Overall, this research offers crucial insights for future economic policymakers, considering the principles of economic liberalism, particularly individual freedom and free markets.
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