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Title: Improving ICT Education Quality at a Private Junior High school in Manado
Authors: Nataliani, Yessica
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Satya Wacana Christian University Salatiga
Abstract: Every second technology has improved and developed massively. Education practitioners have tried to keep up with all those improvement. One of the aspects that they are trying to keep up with is information and Communication Technology (ICT). For students at high school, they need to get ready for using ICT practically and theoretically so that they would not be left behind with the world's improvement. Teachers, facility, and students need to be maximized so that all the potential could be explored. The condition of the school in which this study takes place is that the school has all the computer facilities. The problem is that they have not used it in a maximum way because they do not have Internet network. To improve the quality of this school then an internet network is build involving students and teachers. Students are involved in building the internet network, they start using blog in their practicum class and an e-learning website is developed. The e-learning is run using Moodle. By having internet network is thought to be the starting point of improving students learning quality. The result shows that students could understand and practice all the theory much easier as they learn by doing what they have in theory. With the elearning website, student and teacher could get an lternative learning system as they could access it online.
Description: Agent of Change Celebrating Teacher : Proceedings of International Seminar . June 18-19, 2013, p.96 – 101
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/3343
ISBN: 978-979-1098-22-12
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