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dc.contributor.advisorKurniawati, Anitaind
dc.contributor.advisorSumakul, Dian Toar Y. Gind
dc.contributor.authorKurniawan, Mozesind
dc.description.abstractThis study attempts to find out students‟ perspectives toward the use of teacher‟s edublog in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching learning process, especially in the Faculty of Language and Lierature (English Department) of Satya Wacana Christian University. It is intended to see how students view technology, in this case educational blog (edublog), in EFL education. This study was conducted in 2011/2012 academic year. It used a qualitative research procedure and the participants of the study were 70 students who have ever taken courses which use edublog. The analysis of the data shows that the use of edublog is really helpful and plays an important role on EFL education i.e. Students‟ mental barrier reduction, interactive and flexible function through edublog as a One-Click Open Source.en_US
dc.publisherProgram Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSWind
dc.subjectStudents‟ perspectivesen_US
dc.subjectInteractive Collaborativeen_US
dc.titleStudents' Perspectives Toward The Use of Teacher's Edublog in Efl Learningen_US
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