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Title: Sistem Dominasi dan Resistensi terhadapnya dalam Usaha Berteologi Sosial
Authors: Nuhamara, Daniel
Keywords: sistem dominosi;resistensi;teologi pembebasan
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: Program PascaSarjana UKSW Salatiga
Abstract: The root cause of all social problems is the domination system where any authoritarian group that has the capability to exert power over others. But the general law of society says " .where there is domination , there is resistance to domination, and contested views and projects of how to organize social life. Castells argues that the domination of global capitalism in form of network society creates various forms of resistance such as those based on religious or cultural identity. And this can take forms in fundamentalism that will create violence conflicts. In this writing, I argue that a more positive resistance can take form in constructing liberation transformative theologies that inspire praxis of social transformation. In fact, any liberation theology is a form of theological resistance to various system of domination.
Description: Kritis : Jurnal Studi Pembangunan Interdisipliner. Vol. XX, no. 3, Desember 2008 – Maret 2009, p.276 – 284
ISSN: 0215-4765
Appears in Collections:Kritis Vol. XX, no. 3, Desember 2008 – Maret 2009

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