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Title: Analisis Zone of Tolerance Kualitas Jasa Layanan Pendidikan
Authors: Budiprasetyo, Benedictus Karno
Keywords: education service;zone of tolerance;desired service;adequate service
Issue Date: Mar-2003
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi UKSW Salatiga
Abstract: Zone of tolerance theoretically builds by the desired service and the adequate service, which influenced by several characters of the customer. This research was trying to explore the zone of tolerance in the education industry, how it influenced by several characters of the customer. The research results found that some individual characters, such as years attending, brotherhood, high school origin, parents education and occupation were influenced the level of desired service and adequate service level that build the broadening of the tolerance zone. The research result supporting the theoretical model build in the previous research named SERVQUAL.
Description: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis. Vol. IX, no. 1, Maret 2003, p.55 – 68
ISSN: 0854-9087
Appears in Collections:Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis 2003, Vol. IX, no. 1, Maret

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