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Title: Introducing Classroom Rules Using the Jigsaw Technique : a Model
Authors: Tamah, Siti Mina
Keywords: classroom rule sharing;cooperative learning;the Jigsaw technique
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Satya Wacana Christian University Salatiga
Abstract: Classroom rules prevalently revealed in the very first session of an instruction are most commonly told to the students who ‘passively' listen while the teacher is informing it. Implicitly, classroom rules are traditionally informed. Since Competency-based Curriculum was formally adopted in Indonesia, the teachers have been challenged with constructivist thinking of how to involve students so that active engagement occurs. Engaging students can be realized by employing cooperative learning techniques one of which is Jigsaw. This provides students chance to experience learning environment emphasizing interaction among students. This paper exemplifies the implementation of the Jigsaw technique when classroom rules are introduced
Description: English Edu : Journal of Language Teaching and Research. Vol. 11, no. 1, January 2013, p.34- 41
ISSN: 1412-5161
Appears in Collections:English.Edu 2013 Vol. 11 No. 1 January

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