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dc.contributor.authorOctavia, Puput-
dc.contributor.authorSimanjuntak, Bistok Hasiholan-
dc.descriptionAgric : Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian. Vol. 24, no. 1 2012, p.91-97en_US
dc.description.abstractTea is a popular drink in Indonesia, consequently a lot of industry produce it. Because of that, there were many tea waste resulted. Up to now tea waste was not handled properly, so it was needed to use the wastes after composted procesess. This research aims was: To know the effect of application of various activator combinations after composted procesess of tea waste pack's dregs, and to measure the quality of compost quality of tea waste that was added by various activator combinations based on Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 19-7030-2004. This research used Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD) with seven treatments and four replications, so there were 28 experiment units. The activator that used were EM4 (EM)4, Stardec (SD), Superfarm (SF) and molasse. The parameters to assess composted processes were compost temperature, respiration rate, pH, decrease percentage of compost weight and C/N values. Whereas the parameter used to assess the compost quality were the nutrient contents of C organic, N total, K, pH and C/N and the test of compost quality was done by planting spinach seed. Growth parameter observed were plant height, leaf number, wet and dried mass weight. Result of the research showed that application of activators could make composted processes two weeks faster than without activator treatment. Chemical test result showed, that the quality of the compost pH, K, N total and C/N was appropiate to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 19 7030 2004. Whereas, the compost quality test on spinach germination showed that the compost was safe to be used on plant.en_US
dc.publisherFakultas Pertanian dan Bisnis Universitas Kristen Satya Wacanaen_US
dc.subjecttea wasteen_US
dc.subjectcomposted processesen_US
dc.titlePengujian Berbagai Kombinasi Aktivator Pada Pengomposan Limbah Tehen_US
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