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Title: Pengaruh Vigor Benih Padi (Ioryza Sativa L.) Terhadap Toleransi Pada Kondisi Cekaman Salinitas Dengan Indikasi Fisiologis dan Biokimiawi
Authors: Pudjihartati, Endang
Keywords: vigor;rice seed;salinity tolerance;proline
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Abstract: Seed vigor is capable offacing un-optimum natural condition for its germination. The objective of this experiment was to analyze the salinity stress tolerance of rice seed vigor of IR-64 variety. Salt (NaCl) was used for salinity stress simulation. The treatments applied for this experiment were: (a) two seed vigor level (low- VgL and high- VgH) on (b) two salinity stress level (0 and 10 g/l NaCl). This research utilized factorial treatment design and Completely Randomized Design to experiment design. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and HSD Test (Honestly Significant Different Test) at 5% level were used to analyze the data. Differences in physiological responses (germination) and biochemical response (content of the free proline) among seed vigor level were determined after 14 days of salt exposure. Results of this experiment showed that (I) The VgL rice seed (73% germination) and VgH rice seed (88% germination) not able growth the Normal Seedling on salinity stress condition (NSFirstCountsalin and NSFinalCountsalin were 0%) indicating IR-64 rice was sensitive variety, (2) At salinity stress condition, their dry weight will decrease, while root/shoot ratio will increase with the result that both of them were the same dry weight and ratio, (3) At salinity stress condition, the more vigor seed, the more high proline content in root tissue and seedling but that difference not be present in the shoot tissue. (4) ÿ . ) Based on regression equation, the VgH rice seed capable to extend more heavier root, shoot, and seedling dry weight and increase level accumulation of osmoprotectant proline than VgL under salinity conditions
Description: Agric : Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian. Vol. 19, no. 1 dan no. 2, 2007, p.91 - 106
ISSN: 0854-9028
Appears in Collections:Agric 2007 Vol. 19, no. 1 dan no. 2

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