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dc.contributor.authorPungkaswara, Hendra
dc.descriptionProceeding Seminar Nasional ke-3 Forum Manajemen Indonesia “Management : The Next Opportunity and Challenge from Competition to Collaboration”, Bandung, 9-10 November 2011en_US
dc.description.abstractThe ownership is one of critical issues in corporate governance mechanism. In the bank industries, government ownership will influence the financial performance of the banks. Micco et. al (2004) and La Porta et. al (2002) find that state owned banks in the developing countries have lower financial performance than the private banks. In the other side, D'Souza et. al (2007) and Bikram (2003) find that government ownership have positive impact to bank financial performance. So, this research aims to find out the influence of government ownership to the financial performance of Indonesian banking. This research uses commercial banks in Indonesia period 2006-2008 as population. According to purposive sampling method, there are 314 commercial banks as the research samples. The data in this research are based from commercial banks financial statements obtained from the Indonesia Banking Directory books in period 2008-2010. Dependent variables in this research are the financial performance of commercial banks measured by capital adequacy ratio (CAR), non performing loans (NPL), net profit margin (NPM), return of assets (ROA), operating expenses to operating income ratio (BOPO), and loan to deposit ratio (LDR), that representing CAMEL aspects. This research use government ownership as independent variable that measured with a proportion of government-owned shares to total shares outstanding banking, and use firm size, firm age, and global crisis time as control variables. Hypothesis in this research was tested by multiple linear regression tests using the Weighted Least Square method. This research find that government ownership influence to financial performances of banks measured by CAR, NPM, ROA, BOPO, and LDR, but has no influence toward NPL ratio. The government ownership has a significant negative influence to the ratio of CAR, BOPO, and LDR, and a significant positive influence to the ratio of NPM and ROA. The result also proves that firm size, firm age, and global crisis time as control variables in this researchen_US
dc.publisherInstitut Manajemen Telkomid
dc.subjectgovernment ownershipen_US
dc.subjectfinancial performanceen_US
dc.subjectcommercial banken_US
dc.titlePengaruh Kepemilikan Pemerintah Terhadap Kinerja Keuangan Perbankan (Studi pada Bank Umum di Indonesia Tahun 2006-2008)id
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