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Title: Memanusiakan Manusia Melalui Ilmu Hukum yang Holistik
Authors: Indah, Christina Maya
Keywords: memanusiakan manusia;ilmu hukum holistik;pencerahan
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Program Pascasarjana UKSW
Abstract: Regulation is important to be built toward holistic paradigm in order to be the real genuine science hence the regulation able to be a better regulation. Atomized thinking paradigm, objectivism and rationalism, dehumanizes human being toward law justification and works for the sake of quo regulations status. Holistic paradigm is the answer for a question about how to make a person feels as a human being in the eyes of the regulation, based on the cultural side, humanity side, moral of ontologism aspect, epistemologist, methodologist, and etiologist. Holistic paradigm creates the genuine science become an open regulation for another sciences which has social elegant point of view and spiritual luminosity. Progressive regulation assumes holistic, intuitive, alternative, and empathize on the way to find "the truth about law". Regulation with justice flavor is the regulation which never serves personally, nevertheless works further than the regulation logical expectation in order to reach the real meaning of it's own essential regulation to find the genuine science for the sake of the humanity values
Description: Kritis : Jurnal Studi Pembangungan Interdisiplin Vol. XIX, No. 3, Desember 2007-Maret 2008, p. 205-220
ISSN: 0215-4765
Appears in Collections:Kritis Vol. XIX No. 3 Desember 2007 - Maret 2008

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