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Title: Persepsi Masyarakat Batam terhadap Perdagangan Perempuan dan Anak-anak (Trafficking)
Authors: Engel, Jacob Daan
Keywords: perdagangan perempuan dan anak-anak;persepsi masyarakat;kemiskinan
Issue Date: Nov-2007
Publisher: Program PascaSarjana UKSW Salatiga
Abstract: Trafficking in the percepion of Batam society, especially, the syndicates who are involved in that network, know that as long as the human trafficking to women and children generate interest to many people, that will be a great job opportunity which should be honored and respected by other parts (people). Family economic pressure and poverty, lack of opportunity to study and work, often forced the victims to migrate several times for finding jobs, which resulted with the understanding job migration is identical commercial sex worker and become common, and construct a new perception in the mind of victims and families about what is job/ work, that commercial sex also a job. The perception of society on the syndicates was quite cynical in the beginning, but when they came to realize that what they do generate big income, and much more it changes the family social status in society, so, trafficking whether it is aware or not by some people accepted as a job that generate income (interest) for them.
Description: Kritis : Jurnal Studi Pembangunan Interdisiplin. Vol. XIX, No. 2, Agustus - November 2007; p. 75-89
ISSN: 0215-4765
Appears in Collections:Kritis : Vol. XIX, No. 2, Agustus - November 2007

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