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Title: Habisnya Persediaan Pangan Tahunan pada Aras Keluarga di Kecamatan Pollen, Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan
Authors: Palekahelu, Dharmaputra Taludangga
Manongga, Stephanus P.
Karwur, Ferry
Keywords: ketahanan pangan;kelaparan;sistem pertanlan
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: Program Pascasarjana UKSW
Abstract: When family food stock will ends in Pollen sub-district of Timor Tengah Selatan? The research reported here answered the question. The amount of harvested food products, storage food stock, and consumptions were measured for products to which the villagers are very dependent on. The products are com. rice, cassava, banana, groundnut, and cowpea. The data were used to measure when the stock of each foodstuff will end after the period of harvest ends. To make a conclusion, triangulations using focused group discussions were carried out, and other data such as livestock they own and cash money were also considered. It was concluded that during field visit, which was November, most families still have enough storage food stock, but will be in critical situation within the next three months (December to January). Combination of various foodstuff stock they have extend the period of food availability, but will end for most of the family in hamlets in the period of February to April in which they are still waiting for harvesting in that year. For some families, livestock, mainly chicken, pigs, and cattle will be their last resort for cash during this vulnerable period. It was concluded that families in Pollen sub-distrcist suffer transisitory food insecurity, and the situation becomes worst by climatic (rainfall) uncertainty
Description: Kritis : Jurnal Studi Pembangunan Interdisiplin = Journal of Interdisciplinary Development Studies Vol. XIX, No. 3, Desember 2007-Maret 2008, p. 170-188
ISSN: 0215-4765
Appears in Collections:Kritis Vol. XIX No. 3 Desember 2007 - Maret 2008

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