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dc.contributor.authorAtek, Liboria Genoveva-
dc.descriptionKritis : Jurnal Studi Pembangunan Interdisiplin. Vol. 23, No. 1, Januari - Juni 2014, p. 19-31id
dc.description.abstractThe government believes the welfare could be reached when the people directly involved in as planters oil palm in production process palm oil in Indonesia. Local communities living in the areas of land development for Palm as it is in the District of wambes, province of Papua Keerom Regency their drape being the fate of labor workers at oil palm land as well as on the minimum wage with the factory, while the intensity work. This makes local communities become less productive, some people fight for the fate of their lives to gain economic prosperity with a cocoa former, all appointments are promised by the State Government as well as through the estate was never fulfilled. However it does make people stay silent they start switch was a cocoa farmer, as the plant is a distraction. The methods used to collect data among other methods of observation, interview and the study of the literature. The purpose of the writing of this article to in out the fate of the struggles of local communities in the development of oil fields as well as how impact experienced by themid
dc.publisherProgram Pascasarjana UKSW Salatigaid
dc.subjectmasyarakat lokalid
dc.subjectkelapa sawitid
dc.subjectekonomi lokalid
dc.titlePerjuangan Masyarakat Lokal di Tengah Pengembangan Lahan Sawit : Studi Kasus Perusahaan Kelapa Sawit di Desa Wambes, Distrik Arso, Kabupaten Keroom, Provinsi Papuaid
Appears in Collections:Kritis Vol. XXIII, No. 1, Januari - Juni 2014

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