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dc.contributor.advisorAstika, Gustiind
dc.contributor.authorAyu, Dika Amandaind
dc.description.abstractIn teaching education, giving field experiences to student-teachers is needed. The teaching practicum for a period of time can give motivation and direction to build their personalities before the real work in teaching institution. Realizing that it is necessary to find more studies about pre-service teachers, this study aims to describe ED pre-service teachers' attitude toward writing and teaching writing. This study used a descriptive method since the various of attitudes were described. The subjects of this study were ten ED students who were taking the teaching practicum course in SMAN 1 and SMA Lab Salatiga. In this study, an in-depth-interview was used to obtain the data which were gathered on 15th – 23th February, 2012. The questions were adapted from Nguyen and Hudson (2010) who also conducted a research on pre-service teachers. The results of the interview were analyzed using a content analysis technique. It is indicated that generally the participants had positive attitudes toward writing and teaching writing through many ways seen from cognitive, affective, and conative aspects. From the finding of this study, some recommendations were also proposed to increase the pre-service teachers' quality.eng
dc.publisherProgram Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSWeng
dc.subjectpre-service teacherseng
dc.subjectteaching writingeng
dc.subjectteaching practicumeng
dc.titleEd Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes Toward Writing and Teaching Writingeng
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