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Title: English Teaching in PKBM Satya Parahita: Insights for Teacher Education Program
Authors: Kurniawati, Anita
Keywords: L2 learning;FL learning;young learners
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Widya Sari
Abstract: Teaching and learning is certainly a complex process. This complexity is even more prevalent when dealing with an L2 teaching in FL contexts. Teachers have to deal not only with the target language as a subject but also with the community in general and learners in particular. Such techniques that work well in an L2 context might produce different results in an FL context. Spolsky (1989), however, argued that as long as the technique used is suitable for relevant conditions, e.g. the situations, the goals, and the learners, the benefits of learning are still undeniable. The basic theories about L2 learning process, moreover, do not differentiate L2 contexts from FL contexts. Paul (2003), however, points out that the classroom application derived from those theories may be different. Teachers therefore should be able to apply the learning context and adapt rather than impose certain approaches. This paper is based on the classroom observations conducted in PKBM Satya Parahita, Salatiga. It aims at showing how the teachers adapted certain concepts into their local context in order to teach English to the children two to four years of age. Such findings can surely enrich our teaching perspectives
Description: Proceedings The 5th International Seminar 2011 "Teacher Education in the Era of World Englishes", Salatiga, November 21-22, 2011, p. 53-64
ISBN: 978-979-1098-67-4
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