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Title: Maria Magdalena dan Pemuridan yang Sederajat : Suatu Studi Hermeneutik Feminis Terhadap Model Pemuridan yang Sederajat dari Kisah Maria Magdalena dalam Yohanes 20:11-18
Authors: Wuriga, Ester Damans Wolla
Setyawan, Yusak B.
Keywords: Mary Magdalene;disciples of equals;feminist
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Publisher: Program Pascasarjana Sosiologi Agama Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Abstract: The patriarchal culture of Judaism puts woman as a second class and men's property, she's defined as an absolute only if she stands together by man. Men are considered as God's representative, not women. Even the church was structured based on the man's tradition which never allows women to take part of any actions. This article adopts Mary Magdalene as a representative of those who have been victims of bias of patriarchal system while in the Jesus movement she has been a member of discipleship of equal. By doing study of hermeneutic feminist toward the text of John 20:11-20 I found that this equals already enable Mary Magdalena to have three main roles but in other hand the bias of patriarchal system cause three muffles toward her roles. Also, this text showed as well as muffled the roles of Mary Magdalene. That's why a hermeneutic feminist can only be said as real feminist when it is really liberating women.
Description: Waskita : Jurnal Studi Agama dan Masyarakat. Vol. IV, no. 2 April 2013, p. 49 - 76
ISSN: 1829-5436
Appears in Collections:Waskita. 2013 Vol. IV, no. 2 April

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