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Title: Envisioning World Englishes in an Educational Institution
Authors: Rudianto, Christian
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Widya Sari
Abstract: The purpose of the article is to show and discuss how the idea of ‘World Englishes' has affected educational institution and can actually be incorporated in the teaching and learning. After a brief introduction to the emergence of World Englishes that also constitutes notions of English as an International Language and English as a Lingua Franca, I look closely to at the particular context of educational institution, The Faculty of Language & Literature Satya Wacana Christian University. I feature the physical factors, social factors and educational factors around the institution. Then follows some evidence of the influence of World Englishes. Finally, I envision incorporation of World Englishes idea to the language teaching and learning at the faculty
Description: Proceedings The 5th International Seminar 2011 "Teacher Education in the Era of World Englishes", Salatiga, November 21-22, 2011, p. 292-298
ISBN: 978-979-1098-67-4
Appears in Collections:The 5th International Seminar 2011 "Teacher Education in the Era of World Englishes"

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