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Title: Strategi Guru dalam Membelajarkan Pecahan bagi Siswa Tunarungu Kelas VB di SLB-B Negeri Salatiga
Authors: Putri, Yulian Munawar
Keywords: fractions;learning strategies;deaf students
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Program Studi Pendidikan Matematika FKIP-UKSW
Abstract: This qualitative research aimed to describe the strategies used by teacher in teaching fractions for deaf students in the class VB SLB-B State Salatiga. Subject in this research were classroom teacher who also teach mathematic courses. The technique of determine the subject is purposive sampling. Collecting data in this research used triangulation, namely participant observation, interview, and documentation. Analysis of the data used Miles and Huberman model. The result showed teacher strategies in teaching fractions are generallysame as a regular school, but the implementation used more techniques of communication for deaf students or take advantage of the sense of sight students. The strategy is implemented through teacher lecture, discussion and exercises. The method is implemented using the techniques of oral communication and total communication. Teacher strategies also supported by the abacus and management of individual activities because students have different levels of deafness, and this makes teacher use different strategies for each student. Teacher different strategies for each student looks when the teacher call students, doing a question and answer with students, guiding students to say the word, and when doing exercise. Result or the impact of teacher strategies can be seen from the students mark. Based on the average of mark exercise showed teacher implemented strategies for each student based on the degree of hearing loss and the characteristics of individual students can help students to point out what is already understood and able to be done in accordance with the students' ability to receive the fractions material. The average mark of exercise and home work fifth B grade also showed the students level of hearing loss experienced affect the students mark.
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