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dc.contributor.advisorSediyono, Ekoid
dc.contributor.advisorSembiring, Irwanid
dc.contributor.authorTileng, Marlin Yuvinaid
dc.description.abstractEmployee performance assessment is a way to know the quality of work performed by employees. This research was conducted to analyze the performance of existing employees in the Department of Population in Tomohon City by using Fuzzy Inference System Sugeno Method. Fuzzy model used the Sugeno fuzzy model order one. The process by doing substractive clustering to form membership functions and generate cluster centers and sigma, and the clustering of substractive fuzzy inference system will be established to create a rule. Overall analysis and variables is processed by using Matlab R2013a application assistance. In this research, the establishment of rule divided into two, namely staff and managers. Staff have four rules, while managers have five
dc.publisherMagister Sistem Informasi Program Pascasarjana FTI-UKSWid
dc.subjectassesment performanceid
dc.subjectfuzzy logicid
dc.subjectfuzzy inference system sugeno methodid
dc.titleThe Performance Analysis of Civil Servant using Fuzzy Inference System – Sugeno Method in Department of Population Tomohonid
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