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Title: Prototypical Feature Discovery: A Method for Teaching Scientific Reading
Authors: Krismiyati
Keywords: scientific reading;research article;prototypical structure;educational approach
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Widya Sari
Abstract: Scientific reading could not be separated from post graduate students' academic life. They need to read scientific articles to support their study especially in accessing resources for their academic writing assignment. In order to effectively read in English of their specialization, students need to be aware of the features of the articles in their own field. This paper tries to propose the implementation of one method useful for scientific reading i.e. prototypical features discovery. This has been carried out by involving 15 graduate students of Information System during their pregraduate session using journal articles in Information Technology in EFL environment. The students are involved in discovering the features of articles they read and implement their obtained knowledge about research articles to analyze and screen the important information they need. After they have gone through processes of discovery then they practice their skill by reading journal or research articles and investigate whether or not those articles owns _the features they have discovered so far. This process and educational approach is quite important in introducing students to scientific reading as It focuses not only to the end product but also to the process. This method is successful enough in teaching scientific reading to graduate students. They could recognize the features of research article and proves that it is helpful for their learning process as they are going to the process of discovering the features even if they are exposed to a new research article
Description: Proceedings The 5th International Seminar 2011 "Teacher Education in the Era of World Englishes", Salatiga, November 21-22, 2011, p. 194-204
ISBN: 978-979-1098-67-4
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