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Title: A Multiculturalism Perspective: Identity-Related Problems in a Plural Society As Experienced by the Protagonist of Lian Gouw's Only A Girl
Authors: Lionardi, Gregorius Sebastian
Keywords: Vocabulary;Vocabulary Knowledge Scale (VKS);Criminal Case;learning;game;pre-test;post-test
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: Technology has its roles in educational field such as it becomes the medium of teaching or learning. Nowadays, the problem that arises is when teachers or learners want to determine the effective way of teaching or learning vocabulary using technology. This study is aimed at finding out whether the fruit of technology like games can be an effective way in learning vocabulary, especially in learning English vocabulary. As Prensky (2002) stated that if someone plays a game, whether he/shewants it or not, learning happens constantly. Previous study from Sorayaie (2012) revealed that games contribute to vocabulary learning if students have the chance to learn, practice, and review English language in a pleasant atmosphere. Based on theprevious studies, this study was conducted using Criminal Case game in Facebook as the medium and Vocabulary Knowledge Scale from Wesche and Paribakht (1996) in pre-test and post-tests. There were 30 (thirty) students who participated in this study. The pre-test was conducted one time, while the post-test was conducted two times(two days and two weeks after playing Criminal Case). Descriptive statistics, especially Paired Sample T Test was used to analyze and compare the data. The findings, the result of pre-test and post-tests, showed the significance of game in learning vocabulary and some phenomenon related to the result of the study such as outlier or negative change.
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