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Title: Patriarchal Ideology in Jin Yong's "Legend of the Condor Heroes" Based on Sylvia Walby's Idea about Patriarchy in Public and Private Sphere
Authors: Perdana, Rizky Ardita
Keywords: public patriarchy;private patriarchy;women’s roles
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: The system of patriarchy which has typically put all men as the head of family puts women in a disadvantaged position in the society and in the family. Women are just the inferior in society. They are often stereotyped as a weak creature who needs to be protected by the stronger ones; i.e. men. This phenomenon has been seen as the way things should be. The patriarchal system is maintained by series of structures and practices, including family, systematic violence and the expropriation of women's labor. These three elements support the two major forms of patriarchy suggested by Walby; i.e. public and private patriarchy. As a product of popular culture, Legend of the Condor Heroes portrays an interesting phenomenon. Despite the setting which is the 13th century China, Huang Rong, its female protagonist, is described as a smart, thoughtful, independent, skillful and strong woman whom her husband often depends on. Therefore, this study aimed to examine if Huang Rong's portrayal is actually support or against patriarchy. The findings reveal that on the surface, Huang Rong's portrayal, especially her roles in public spheres, may be against patriarchy. However, in private spheres, Huang Rong is still tied with patriarchal system where her customs limit her freedom. This study shows how patriarchy is still maintained through literatures.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/5511
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