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Title: Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Stress: Counseling and Related Interventions
Authors: Dacalos, Portia Doroy
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: Pusat Pengkajian Bidang Pendidikan, Penelitian, dan Pengabdian Masyarakat FKIP - UKSW
Abstract: Sex typing or sexism is the interpretation and acquisition of behaviors and characteristics that society and culture considers appropriate (Atkinson et al, 1993). In effect, sexism may lead one to interpret similar behaviors in different ways when exhibited by women and men. Green jokes coming from males will be perceived as acceptable, a " masculine" behavior while similar jokes coming from the females will be perceived as "vulgar" very "unfeminine". Behavior of males are seen as an offshoot of their being males. They are "just men" and "will always be men". There is then the implication that their behavior is simply a reaction or response to a stimulus. In other words there has been a "provocation". Clearly there are various manifestations of traditional gender roles for males and females. These traditional gender roles or stereotypes or sexism are observed in campuses which can likely affect students development and relationships. One concrete cost of sexism in campus is in terms of problems in interpersonal relationships, which result to incidence of sexual harassment. The problem used to be a problem with no name. Something recognized as acceptable and a likely occurrence. A green joke. Lewd comments. Suggestive remarks. Graphic commentaries on ones body. A dog whistle. A disconcerting nearness. Unnecessary touching or patting. Sexual harassment can victimize both males and females. However, because of traditional gender roles or sexism, it is usually the females who become the victims of sexual harassment
Description: Satya Widya : Jurnal Penelitian Pengembangan Kependidikan. Vol. 27, No. 1, Juni 2011, p. 57 - 74
ISSN: 08545995
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