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Title: Analisis Risiko Berbagai Luas Pengusahaan Lahan Pada Usahatani Padi Organik dan Konvensional
Authors: Prihtanti, Tinjung Mary
Keywords: family internal factor;family external factor;remittance;imigrant labour
Issue Date: Jul-2014
Publisher: Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Abstract: The purposes of this study are to determine: 1) the relationship between internal as well as external factors of Indonesian migrant workers’ family and their willingness to invest, 2) the types of investment made and the obstacles encountered, and 3) the amount of remittances received. The research was conducted in Pabelan and Tuntang Districts Semarang Regency by using explanatory research with quantitative and qualitative analyses approach. Data obtained from 80 respondents in earlier study entitled “Indonesian Labour Force: Roles and Impacht ono Rural Economy Central Jawa Province (2nd year)” and interviews with re-using 12 sampel of respondent.Spearman rank corelation and paired T-test at the confidence level of 95percentwere used to determine the magnitude of the relationship among assessed variables. Results of this study indicate that the internal and external factors of migrant labors’ family were strongly related to their willingness to invest. The types of investment were building a firm and buying land, cars, cattle or house. Saving money and purchasing motorcycle were considered the combination of investment and consumptive goods, and household variable are buying consumer goods for labour’s families migrant. The barriers were faced by families of migrant labours, there was the urgency of daily life needs, house improvements, school fees, labour’s departure-related costs and other debts . The amount of remittances associated with the willingness to invest is different among migrant labors working in varied countries. This is resulted from the different wages standard of each country of destination, labor’s departure fee discount, the working period, and the types of jobs abroad
Description: Agric : Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian. Vol. 26, No. 1 & 2, Juli - Desember 2014, p. 29-36
ISSN: 08549028
Appears in Collections:Agric 2014 Vol. 26 No. 1 & 2, Juli - Desember

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