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Title: Representasi Patriarki Dari Sudut Pandang Teori Struktural-Fungsionalisme Tokoh-Tokoh Dalam Film 7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita
Authors: Efenly, Victor
Lahade, John R.
Keywords: gender;woman;patriarch;structural-fungsionalism;representation;film;movie;7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Komunikasi Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Abstract: Gender issues especially about womans is one of interest topic that be appointed in Indonesian cinemas. One of movie that takes on woman's issues is created by new director, his name is Robby Ertanto Soediskam. It's title is "7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita" (in English: 7 Heart 7 Love 7 Womans). This movie has interested attention from viewers and also cinema observers, it is because quality of story line and messages that be submited by director. This case be evidenced with several awards that be achieved in "Festival Film Indonesia 2010" and Indonesian Movie Awards 2011. Through content analysis methods, this research is trying to explain patriarch representation of "7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita" (in English: 7 Heart 7 Love 7 Womans) movie's figures from view point of structural functionalism theory. This research be implemented by observe woman's figures then analyze them with structural-functionalism theory. The conclusion that be discovered is not all of case that happens between woman and man figures in this film is effected by patriarch system, such as previous research said. Structural functionalism theory used can prove that patriarch system doesn't cause oppression and violence for woman. However, they are effect from role and function that isn't implemented.
Description: Cakrawala : Jurnal Penelitian Sosial. Vol II, No. 2 November 2013, p. 389-412
ISSN: 16936248
Appears in Collections:Cakrawala 2013, Vol II, No. 2 November

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