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dc.contributor.authorWardhani, lka Kusuma-
dc.contributor.authorHerawati, Marina-
dc.descriptionAgric : Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian. Vol 22. No.1 Juli 2010, p. 1 – 8en_US
dc.description.abstractStrawberry (Fragaia chiloensis L) is considered as one of horticultural product which has several benefits and roles. In several places of Indonesia, strawberry cultivation has used manure and biogas slurry as source of organic matter and nutrient for their growth. Both slurry and manure have important roles in taking care both ecosystem balances and ecology cycles of the environment. The objectives of this research were (i) to know the effect of both biogas slurry and manure dosage on growth, yield, and nutrition value (C vitamin, protein, lipid, and carbohydrate) contents of strawberry fruit, and (ii) to determine slurry and manure dosages that could produce both growth and yield. Research results showed that application of both slurry biogas and manure dosages had the effect on the number of fruits per plant but had not significant effect toward the stem diameter, weight of both fresh and dry shoots, weight of both fresh and dry roots, shoot and root ratio, fruit's weight per fruit, and fruit' s nutrition value. In fact, application of O ton per hectare of slurry and 10 tons per hectare of manure was able to increase the content of both C vitamin and protein significantly. Moreover, dosage of 5 tones per hectare of slurry and 5 tones per hectare of manure tended to increase both fresh and dry root weight, and fruit per plant, while dosage of 7.5 ones per hectare of slurry and 2.5 tones per hectare of manure increased carbohydrate content Dosage of 10 tones per hectare of slurry and 0 on per hectare of manure tended to increase the stem diameter, both fresh and dry plants weight, fruit's weight per fruit, as well as lipid content.en_US
dc.publisherFakultas Pertanian dan Bisnis Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Salatigaen_US
dc.subjectorganic matteren_US
dc.subjectbahan organiken_US
dc.titlePertumbuhan, Hasil, dan Nilai Gizi Buah Stroberi Varietas Sweet Charlie Melalui Penambahan Slurry Biogas dan Pupuk Kandangen_US
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