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dc.contributor.authorKasmiyati, Sri-
dc.contributor.authorHerawati, Maria Marina-
dc.contributor.authorKristiani, Elizabeth Betty E.-
dc.descriptionAgric : Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian. Vol 22. No.1 Juli 2010, p. 20 – 27en_US
dc.description.abstractThe effects of mioinositol and yeast extract on artemisinin production of Artemisia vulgais by shoot culture were studied. The plants regeneration of A. vulgaris were established by removing the nodes of stem and growing the shoots on MS (Murashige and Skoog) media with 1 ppm kinetin and 1 ppm NAA for 4 weeks, growing shoots were sub cultured on multiplication media until the number of shoots replenished. The growing shoots were induced to roots and effect of treatment media (MS supplemented with mioinositol and yeast extract, added with 2 ppm IBA) were evaluated. Combination of four levels mioinositol concentration (mg/l): 100, 200, 300 and 400, and four levels of yeast extract concentration (mg/l): 0, 200, 300 and 400 were simultaneously added in MS media. The growing plantlets (2 weeks old) were sub cultured on semi liquid treatment media. Plantlets were harvested at 6 weeks old. Measured parameters were fresh -weight of plantlets and contents of artemisinin either qualitative or quantitative. The experimental design used was randomized complettly block design and data were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) followed by Honesty Significant Difference (USD) test (p-95%). The results showed that the treatment ofmioinositol and yeast extract did not significantly influenced on fresh weight of plantlets. Yeast extract probably play a role as biotic elicitors or an external induction agent of secondary metabolite production, so that the fresh weight plantlets was not influenced. The qualitative analysis of artemisinin showed that the plantlets of A. vulgaris produced artemisinin. The highest artemisinin content was found on level mioinositol concentration as 400 mg/l without extract yeast added.en_US
dc.publisherFakultas Pertanian dan Bisnis Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Salatigaen_US
dc.subjectA. vulgarisen_US
dc.subjectshoots cultureen_US
dc.subjectyeast extracten_US
dc.subjectkultur pucuken_US
dc.subjectekstrak khamiren_US
dc.titleProduksi Artemisinin Hasil Kultur Pucuk Artemisia Vulgaris Pede Media yang Mengandung Mioinositol dan Ekstrak Khamiren_US
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