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Title: Improving Lecture Activity through Discovery Learning Method to the Students of Guidance and Counseling Program in Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Satya Wacana Christian University
Authors: Setyorini
Susilo, Tritjahjo Danny
Keywords: lecture activity;discovery learning;classroom action research
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Satya Wacana Christian University
Abstract: Quite a lot of Guidance and Counseling students in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education were not actively involved in the learning activities. It was seen that during the lecture some students did not dare to ask and rarely wanted to answer the questions room the lecturer. In the preliminary study, students who were active in the lecture were about 53% in each class. In general, the passive students depended on the opinions of others rather than dared to express their own opinions. This condition ensued resulted in the test result in which they got 50 in average. Based on this issue, this classroom action research aims to improve the students learning activities in the Students Development course through the application of Discovery Learning method. The subjects were the students who took the Students Development course in class A, 32 students (1 class). The lecture materials discussed were about the characteristic factors that influence the children development, either elementary, junior, or senior high school, and also social, moral and emotional development. This research variables were about (a) observation to observe the activities of the students activity in the lecture (during the presentation and discussion in the class and during the observation at school), and (b) test. The research performance indicator was 80% of the active students during the lecture discussing, information seeking and processing, summarizing, and presenting the results. Research analysis techniques used were the quantitative and qualitative descriptive analysis. The research was conducted for two cycles. Subjects were grouped into 6 groups in conducting discovery learning, which were discussion of hypothesis formulation, hypothesis verification through observation in school, and presentation to report the results of the verification. Based on the observation during the lecture, the active students were 25 students (78.1%) in the cycle 1, and 28 students (87.5%) in cycle 2. Thus, a lecture using discovery learning has increased the activity of students who took Students Development course.
Description: Agent of Change Celebrating Teacher : Proceeding of International Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Satya Wacana Christian University Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. June 18-19, 2013, p. 78
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/6292
ISBN: 97897910982212
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