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Title: Organizing System of Tayub performance : Case Study in Kabupaten GrobogaLn in Central Java)
Authors: Untung, Rachel Mediana
Keywords: Tayub performance;management of production;marketing;human resources and finance;contractual job;professional;entrepreneurial spirit
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Graduate School Of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta
Abstract: The aim of this study is to figure out a management model of Tayub performance which is performed in Grobogan, Central Java. The research background is Tayub performance is still preserved as a folk art competing with modern art in this modern era. This study is based on sociology and anthropology’s management perspectives. This study was conducted in a quality research by interviewing several informants. The issue is about early management of functional aspect which includes production management, marketing, human resource and finance. Sociology and anthropology’s perspective sees from the methodology and human aspects’s in management. The results showed that four function of management, have not been implemented well. Yet, Tayub performance can still be performed successfully. The role of dancers, karawitan group, guest leaders, sound and light’s operator also the hosts perform its role professionally. In conclusion, the study found that a successful Tayuban is not about a good management in it but the people themselves who dedicated their abilities, a good understanding in orientation process and highly entrepreneurial spirit. Academically, the research aims to reveal how Tayub’s management model is. Practically this result can be used by government the empower socio-economics community life as well as to preserve Tayub’s performance
Description: Proceeding The 2nd International Conference for Asia Pacific Arts Studies (ICAPAS) Graduate School Of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta, October 31 – November 1, 2014. Intersecting Belongings : Creative Arts and Beyond, p. 108-114
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