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dc.contributor.authorUntung, Rachel Mediana-
dc.descriptionProceeding The 1st International Conference On Performing Arts Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta, 1-12 December 2013 Performing Arts as Cultural Identity : Problems And Challenges. p. 257-267en_US
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this study is to explore the sign of communication in the performance. This study is based on the cultural studies perspective. The subject of the research is the audience of Classic Concert, Musical Theater, and Cultural Carnival in Satya Wacana Christian University Salatiga. The research unit are the behavior of the audience. The audience behavior expresses before, while and ending the performance are conseidered as verbal and non-verbal signs. A non-verbal sign is the audience gestures that are divided into several categories, namely proxemic, chronemics, kinestics, physical apperance, haptics, paralanguage and artifacts. The way of knowing such process of communication is necessary to decode alt of the verbal and non-verbal signs. This study uses a qualitative approach which consists of three stages: data collection, data processing, and data analysis. It used in-depth interviews to collect the data from both the audience and the organizers of Classic Concert, Musical Theater and Cultural Carnival. The idea of non-verbal communication can be reflected in the form of proxemic, chronemics, physical appearance, haptics, paralanguage and artifacts. Procemics. indicate distance that people have from other people. Chronemics sign indicates appreciation of time. Physical apperance sign shows physical appearance and how to dress up. Haptics sign indicates a need in touch with other people. Paralanguage signs indicate that the performances allow for the expression of the human voice to explore emotions while watching the performance. The results showed that during the performance, the audience communicated in a different waysen_US
dc.publisherFaculty of Performing Arts Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakartaen_US
dc.titleDecoding Communication Sign in Performanceen_US
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