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dc.contributor.authorJulianto, Prasetyo-
dc.descriptionJurnal Ilmiah Matrik : Matematika, Teknologi, Rekayasa, Informatika & Komputer. Vol. 10, no. 1, April 2008, p. 53 - 64 Available on
dc.description.abstractAbstracts: The development of Rural Community ICT (RC-1CT) in developed country is influenced by the limited by several resources. This research is to investigate the potential that can be achieved by the use of information and communication technology which is developed in RCICT system mainly related to the upgrading productivity and farming business. The potentially developed systems are: TaniNet, Web base service providing information on production process, planting system, and marketing information network for farmers groups in farming field, education, training, as well as diagnosis and consultation; UKMNet, a service for Usaha Kecil Menengah that needed online product marketing with afordable cost; KUDNet, this service is integrated with TaniNet and UKMNet providing information and logistic service for the production process in farming business field, marketing, and UKM product transportation. Each application has architectural cluster database. This cluster database is independent and functioned collaboratively, but its function as a single server system.en_US
dc.publisherPusat Penerbitan dan Percetakan Universitas Bina Darma Pressid
dc.subjectRural Community ICTen_US
dc.subjectBusiness Servicesen_US
dc.titlePerancangan Model Bisnis Pertanian Dengan Arsitektur Basisdata Cluster Pada Sistem Rural Community ICT di Indonesiaid
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