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Title: TENTENA CERITAMU KINI: Studi Hubungan Masyarakat Kristen dan Masyarakat Islam di Tentena Pasca Konflik Poso
Authors: Tobondo, Adriani Galry Adoniram
Keywords: interaction;social relation and conflict
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Doktor Studi Pembangunan Program Pascasarjana UKSW
Abstract: This study aimed to describe and analyze more specific about Christian and Muslim communities’ relationship in Tentena since post-conflict in Poso over the last few years. In order to pursue it, the process of identifying of region and society was conducted. First, Tentena was known as the ex-royal tribe culture of Pamona which was integrated with the empire Luwu of South Sulawesi due to the intersection line of Pamona’s public religiosity. Second, Tentena was known as the ex-serving “Zending” (missionary) which was integrated with Zending’s policies in its efforts included the development of services center and early activities. Third, Tentena was known as a region with natural resources. Fourth, Tentena was known as the area of migration before and after conflict that occurred in 1998 and post conflict development (since 2007). Fifth, the implementing of welfare policy that aimed to recover the society after conflict in Poso. Sixth, Tentena’s societies as known as Pamonans were integrated to “Mo Sintuwu” culture behavior. Seventh, conflict in Poso devastated the local economy, and its destruction made the society concerned and began to organize their economic life. This study used qualitative method with the descriptive approach that is influenced by grounded research characteristics constitutively. In order to find out the relationship between Christian and Muslim communities in Tentena, a preliminary study was conducted as a basis for identifying areas and community which included Tentena communities’ relationship style. Conclusion and findings were presented in this dissertation. In conclusion, Christian and Muslim communities in Tentena has basic economic relationship, abnormal circumstantes as the basis of relationship which was adversity and economic activity destruction and social activity, friendships intensity, kinship, the existence of “vital industry” in the country side has large impact in strengthening region’s defense and security. The existence of Tentena as the central area of ex-service Zending in education and health as well as the availability of adequate stocks of electrical energy as a process determined the economic mobility of Tentena society. Indeed, several findings were found in this dessertation which were the basic relationship between Christian and Muslim communities in Tentena that described the relationship style example networking relationship and chronology formation of network relationship, silent terror in Mo Sintuwu behavior, Density Population Rubbing of Area. Hopefully, this study will give theoretrical and practical benefits. Theoretically, this dessertation used theories that were related to interaction that stimulated thoughts to strengthen the study of relationship society in Post Conflict Situation. In practice, this dessertation is important to be used as a practical guide for humanitarian activists, academics, religious leaders, government and law enforcement agencies, entrepreneurs and social practitioners, policy makers, as well as the State and Religious Institutional society to take a role in peace and reconciliation in order to ensure a better future.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/7057
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