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Title: Pendekatan Alternatif Peningkatan Kinerja Produk: studi pada IKM Mebel Ekspor Jepara
Authors: Sulistyorini, Utami Tri
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Doktor Studi Pembangunan Program Pascasarjana UKSW
Abstract: The development of an alternative approach in order to increase product performance is based on the declining of produk performance of SME’s Jepara export furniture, which focused on the internal problem of SME’s Jepara export furniture, that is innovation culture. The inovation culture is explained toward innovativeness and inovation activities, where inovation activities can be explained toward knowledge transfer and explorative learning. This is based on the development of knowledge’s role as competitive advantage’s key in increasing product’s performance. Innovativeness and innovation activities can not increase product’s performance effectively if there is no trust to drive them. This can be seen on the lack of SME’s Jepara export furniture ability to penetrate their market toward product’s performance. This is caused by the movement of product’s imitation, which is based on the absence of trust. This alternative approach uses solidarity as an antecendent of trust. The reason is many researchers tend to neglect solidarity, in the other hand they suggest solidarity as a influence variable to trust development in their further research. The other important thing in this alternative approach is the use of product’s performance as a measurement of inovation which is non financial. Many researchers suggested but it is not used in their research. This alternative approach uses SEM as analysis tool, with 150 sample. The result of this analysis shows that the alternative approach is suitable as an alternative to solve the problem of SME’s Jepara export furniture. The increasing of product’s performance is began by trust development as a base of increasing compani’es ability in managing their valuable asset that is knowledge. The companie’s ability can be used to exchange knowledge to real form which has comercial value that is a unique product, suitable with the market and better than competitors’ product.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/7059
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