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dc.contributor.advisorDwiatmadja, Christantiusid
dc.contributor.advisorPriyanto, Sony Heruid
dc.contributor.advisorSamiyono, Davidid
dc.contributor.authorDamayana, I Wayanid
dc.description.abstract"There is nothing eternal in this world, except the change itself". This is an undisputed fact. Change is a phenomena that gives color to the historic times of every society, including Balinese society. This change occurs in the interaction of Balinese society with other ethnic groups, religions, and cultures. The change occurs because of: first , in a society, unsatisfactory feelings due to conflicts happen (theory of social change). Second, people in their interactions with others encounter various emics which can be ethnocentric, thus yielding stereotypes about the outsiders (inter-cultural psychology). Third, there is a shift among religious people from to be into to have in practicing their religions (theology of religious pluralism). Fourth, deconstruction, an intensifying exposé of a standardized form. From these four theories, the researchers have conducted a research which focused on the cultural local wisdom of menyama braya. The aim of this research is to expose a diverse brotherhood existential living, thus creating a national integration and social harmony in Indonesia. To reach the aim, a participant-observation method has been used, an observation which allows direct participatory-involvement, interviews, library research, case and document studies.en_US
dc.publisherFakultas Teologi UKSWid
dc.titleMenyama Braya (Studi Perubahan Masyarakat Bali)id
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