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Title: A Musical Analysis of the Five-movement Composition with Twelve-tone Row System in Kekebyaran Style for Piano, Flute and Kendang
Authors: Listya, Agastya Rama
Keywords: twelve-tone row system;Gong Kebyar;inversion;retrogade;retrogade-inversion;spiegelbild
Issue Date: Jan-2009
Publisher: Program Studi Seni Musik Fakultas Seni Pertunjukan Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Abstract: Music composition is understood by many as a result of one's intellectual and emotional process. Five-Movement Composition with Twelve-Tone Row System in Kekebyaran Style for Piano, Flute and Kendang in some sense might also be considered as a product of the author's intellect and emotion. On one hand, the twelve-tone row system is considered 100 percent mathematical, while the Gong Kebyar style is truly emotional. Combining these two extremely different traditions into a composition might be regarded by some as an obscene, vulgar, or even offensive effort. In order to give a clear explanation to its readers, this writing aims to analyze the musical structure and the philosophical concept behind this composition
Description: Jurnal Musik : Jurnal Ilmiah Seni Musik Vol. 1, No. 1, Januari 2009
ISSN: 1979-8547
Appears in Collections:Jurnal Musik 2009 Vol. 1 No. 1 Januari

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