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Title: Micromagnetic Study of Switching Mode Behavior on Perpendicularly Magnetized Nano-Dot at a Room Temperature
Authors: Wibowo, Nur Aji
Keywords: magnetic storage;perpendicular anisotropy;switching mode;room temperature;quality factor
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Technology and Electronics Engineering (IJCTEE)
Abstract: Non volatile magnetic storage with high densities and fast rate data transfer is a primary need in recent computing technology. Perpendicular magnetized nano-dot is proposed to be an alternative media to make it real. The Switching mode behavior onperpendicularly magnetized nano-dot with volume 50 nm x 50 nm x 20 nm at a room temperature for magnetic storage application has been investifated by solved Landau Lifshift-Gilbert equation. The result is the material properties which quantitatively express as quality factor greatly affect the switching time. Critival value of quality factor become a boundary on the switching mode.
Description: International Journal of Computer Technology and Electronics Engineering (IJCTEE), Vol. 2, No. 3, Jun2 2012, p. 12-16. Available at
ISSN: 2249 - 6343
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