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Title: Developing Reading Lessons from Authentic Materials Using Hot Potatoes
Authors: Astika, Gusti
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Language Centre
Abstract: Reading plays a significant role in language learning. The literature in ELT discuss various ways of developing reading skills by providing the opportunity to learners to get as much exposure as possible. According to Willis (1996), learning can take place if at least four conditions are met : exposure to the language, opportunities to use it, a strong motivation to learn, and instruction. In order to promote reading skills there are two processes which should be accommodated interactively in teaching ; bottom-up and top-down processes. Therefore, teachers need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop the learners’ reading ability through innovative ideas. One example is using the Hot Potatoes authoring tool to create computerized reading exercises such as close multiple choice, or matching exercises.
Description: Language education : an Essential for a Global Economy. SEAMEO-RELC. Anthology Series 52
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