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Title: Teaching English Vocabulary: What International Language Educators Tell Us
Authors: Astika, Gusti
Keywords: vocabulary;incidental learning;explicit instruction;learning strategy
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Malaysian English Language Teaching Association
Abstract: descriptive study was motivated by Hunt’s and Beglar’s (2002) approaches to teaching vocabulary: incidental learning, explicit instruction, and independent strategy development in which they proposed seven principles of teaching vocabulary. Based on these principles, I designed 25 questionnaire items with a four-point Likert scale, and an open-ended item which sought information about problems in teaching vocabulary. The participants were English educators from different countries drawn from an online survey using a questionnaire through LinkedIn groups such as Applied Linguistics, ESL Teacher Professionals, iTeach English, and Group-digests. The participants were invited to respond to the questionnaire voluntarily following a weblink of the questionnaire in the The data from the questionnaire were calculated in percentages of the number of participants who responded to the questionnaire items. The findings show that there were interesting differences of practice in teaching vocabulary with respect to Hunt’s and Beglar’s seven principles across teaching experiences of the participants, school levels, and learner status. Further examination of the participants’ written responses to challenges in teaching vocabulary indicate that retention and motivation were the most frequently mentioned problems they had in teaching vocabulary
Description: Asia 12th International Conference 23rd MELTA International Conference : Developing Sustainable Quality in English Language Education : Evolving Policies, Innovating Practices, Transforming Learning. 28 - 30 August 2014 Borneo Convention Centre Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia
ISBN: 9789839411034
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