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Title: Perbandingan Kualitas Pascapanen Bayam Jepang (Spinacia Oleracea L.) yang Ditanam Dengan Pupuk Organik dan Kimia
Authors: Hakiki, Dini Nur
Darmawati, Emmy
Purwanto, Aris
Ueno, Hideto
Keywords: fertilizer;postharvest;organic;quality;spinach
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: Fakultas Pertanian dan Bisnis Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Abstract: Environmental issues on the excessive usage of chemical fertilizer in recent years have led to the renewed interest in using organic fertilizer such us chicken manure. We aimed to know how the effect of organic fertilizer with different concentration of N on postharvest quality of japanese spinach compare with chemical fertilizer. The experiment was conducted with 0.102 m2 pot using four rates of chicken manure compost (12, 22.5, and 30 g N m-2) and chemical fertilizer as 15, g N m-2. Before planting, chicken manure was decomposted in the soil first during 20 days. The spinachs were harvested on 64 days. The parameter of postharvest quality were yield, color, chlorophyll, total soluble solid, ascorbic acid, and nitrate. The results showed that japanese spinach grown with organic fertilizers tend had lower yield, chlorophyll and ascorbic acid, as well as the colors are more brighter than chemical fertilizers but higher total soluble solid and lower nitrate content. Increased nitrogen rate in organic fertilizers, the yield and chlorophyll are also getting higher and darker colors, but lower the total soluble solids.The organic fertilizer as 30 g Nitrogen m-2 had a performance (yield, chlorophyll, color) were not different compare with chemical fertilizers.
Description: Prosiding Konser Karya Ilmiah Nasional 2016. “Komunikasi Hasil Riset, Pengabdian Masyarakat, Dan Produk-Produk Unggulan Yang Berdaya Saing”, p. 1-18
ISSN: 24605506
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