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Title: Analisa Data Pertanian Boyolali Dalam Beberapa Faktor Untuk Optimasi Produktivitas Pertanian
Authors: Parhusip, Hanna Arini
Trihandaru, Suryasatriya
Susanto, Bambang
Agus, Yohanes Hendro
Prasetyo, Sri Yuliyanto J.
Simanjutak, Bistok.H.
Keywords: padi;regresi multivariate;principal components analysis
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: Fakultas Pertanian dan Bisnis Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Abstract: The paper here addresses the analysis of factor-factors affecting productivity of paddy fields in district Boyolali,as one of districts in Central Java Indonesia. The amount of rainfalls, the harvested area, the critical region and the area destroyed by pests are considered in the analysis. The used methods are multivariate regression and principal components analysis (PCA). Multivariate linear regression fails indicating linear assumption is not violated. There have been 19 pests recorded destroying the paddy fields. These pests are analyzed to find the dominant type of pest .The analysis has shown that there exists no type of pest dominating the fields during the observation data in the year 2008-2013.
Description: Prosiding Konser Karya Ilmiah Nasional 2016. “Komunikasi Hasil Riset, Pengabdian Masyarakat, Dan Produk-Produk Unggulan Yang Berdaya Saing”, p. 175-184
ISSN: 24605506
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