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dc.contributor.authorSoetjipto, Hartati-
dc.contributor.authorWahyono, Teguh-
dc.descriptionProsiding Konser Karya Ilmiah Nasional 2015, p. 42-50id
dc.description.abstractTlahap model Tlogolele village of Selo sub-district in the regency of Boyolali, with tobacco and vegetables as the primary commodities, is vulnerable to soil erosion. The Tlahap model which integrates coffee-tobacco-vegetables is potential to reduce soil degradation and increase agricultural productivity. Hence, it is important to collect the information on soil properties, actual degradation condition, soil conservation components implemented by the local farmers, and the assessment of the local adoption of conservation technology involving coffee-tobacco-vegetables integration in Tlogolele village. Research was carried out from April to October 2013 and subsequently from February to May 2014. The approach was participatory action research which included data collection, literature study, in-depth interview, and laboratory observation. Results of the study showed that: 1) the soil in this village had sandy texture with less than 2% of organic matter content and was vulnerable to soil erosion, 2) the actual soil degradation status ranged from slightly to moderately degraded, 3) the prevailing soil conservation techniques included terraces, terrace-enhancing grasses, mulches, water basins, ditches, guludan, and intercropping systems, and 4) the innovation of coffee-tobacco-vegetables integration was highly potential to be adopted by the farmers in Tlogolele as an alternative of sustainable agricultural practicesen_US
dc.publisherFakultas Pertanian dan Bisnis Universitas Kristen Satya Wacanaid
dc.subjectadoption of innovationen_US
dc.subjectsustainable agriculture alternativeen_US
dc.subjectTlogolele villageen_US
dc.subjectcoffee-tobacco-vegetable integrationen_US
dc.titleKaji Tindak Partisipatif Integrasi Kopi - Tembakau Sayuran, Alternatif Pertanian Berkelanjutan di Desa Tlogolele, Kecamatan Selo, Kabupaten Boyolaliid
Appears in Collections:Prosiding Konser Karya Ilmiah Nasional 2015

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